Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is one of the cross cutting policies in all the activities of the organization. The organization firmly believes that all women have the potential for growth provided they have access to information, adequate skills and required resources. Various projects and activities were undertaken during the period to promote empowerment of women:

i. SHG Nurturing:

SHG nurturing was promoted in all working area of the organization. 322 Women Self Help Groups have been formed and strengthened by the organization covering 3847 families. The SHG’s are practicing inter-loaning among themselves as an alternative to access to low cost credit among them. These groups have collected Rs. 1,200,000 (Rupees Twelve Lacs only) as seed money through deposit of subscription by the members.

ii. Registration of Federation:

Block level Co-operative of Women SHG has been formed in Rajgir block of Nalanda District as a platform for advocacy on the developmental issues of women. The federation is registered under the Bihar Cooperative Act and the registration.

iii. Livelihood:

Training was promoted on Micro Enterprise, i.e., Agarbatti (scented sticks) making, food processing and bangle making. The women group members were trained on backward and forward linkages of the enterprises. 19 groups have been sanctioned credit by KVIC to initiate enterprise development.

iv. Capacity building:

Cluster coordinates in the session of Capacity building program

The SHG have increased the participation of women in Gram Sabha through motivating women to participate in the matters of local self Governance. 61 SHG members have been elected at the PRI elections in the area as an outcome of sensitization of women through regular meetings, capacity building programs etc. 

Capacity building exercise have been organized on various issues, i.e., cooperatives, Cluster managements, Micro enterprise development, Domestic violence of women, etc. to build the leadership capacities of these women to demand and negotiate for their rights and entitlements.

Entrepreneurship development is one of the key capacity building activities for SHG members to promote enterprise development for their financial Self reliance. 52 women’s have been trained on the Enterprise development of Incense Stick making by the organization.