Conservation of natural resource management has been one of the key activities of the organization. The organization in alliance with other NGOs working in the field of natural resource management to address the issue of flood and famine through conservation of natural resource through NARMADA (Natural Resource Management and Developments) network. The network has participated in several state and national level events to highlight the issues of conservation of natural resource in Bihar. Several issues were advocated by the network as Ahar – Pyne system for addressing the water needs for agriculture and to improve the employment opportunity for farm laborers in Bihar on one had and to revive the traditional irrigation system on the other.


NARMADA (State level network of NGOs working on the issues of Natural Resource Management in Bihar) was formed during the year 2004 and Gramin Evam Nagar Vikas Parishad is the coordinating agency of the Network. The Network concentrated preparing a state level action plan on Natural Resource Management during the current year for adopting a unified approach on addressing Natural disaster like Flood/Famine which causes wide spread damage to life and property in the State.