Local self governance

Local Self Governance has been a priority working issues for the organization with special emphasis on governance at Panchayat Level. GENVP consolidated its work on Promotion of pro–poor governance through the project titled ‘Strengthening of Panchayat Raj Institution with special emphasis to Gram Sabha’, supported by DFID PACS Program in the Blocks of Chandi and Nagarnausa in Nalanda district of Bihar.

C. i. Pre-Election Voter Awareness Camps (PEVAC):

The year witnessed consolidation of the activities of the Dalit Sangarsh Morcha (DSM).The DSM played an active role in the panchayat election by organizing pre-election voter awareness camps to sensitize dalit voters, especially women to vote for the right candidate of their choice. The DSM was successful in identifying dalit candidates through consensus in many constituencies. In several Panchayats the DSM emerged as a strong pressure group to be recognized. 70 DSM supported candidates won the Panchayat election in the block of Chandi and Nagarnausa. Awareness camps were organized to sensitize the candidates on the provisions of the election. The PEVAC was successful in promoting awareness among the dalit communities as their rights as voters and motivating them to cast their votes in large numbers.

C.ii. Promoting DSM (Dalit Sangarsh Morcha) as Organized Group:

The year witnessed further expansion of DSM to neighboring panchayats and larger population. The DSM was successful in mobilizing the dalit community for active participation at the Gram Sabha and to raise their voice for their rights and entitlements. Regular meetings of DSM was organized for regular up gradation of the Dalit leaders on the initiatives undertaken and to share the outcomes of initiatives on issues such as social inclusion , Livelihood , access to entitlements and dalit dignity. 

Community based initiatives at block level meetings and dharna (demonstration) were organized by the Dalit Sangarsh Morcha to sensitize block level officials and other stakeholders on the issues, i.e., irregular distribution of PDS, IAY and other schemes of the Panchayat.

Dalit Sammelan was organized to sensitize larger dalit community on the collective efforts of the DSM in the two blocks of Nalanda district and achievements of the organization. It was unanimously accepted that there is urgent need for building up such organizations.

Block level meeting of DSM

Significant Learning:

Organized Community can effectively advocate for its rights.

Livelihood issues and rights cannot be addressed as isolated issues, rather a combination of both ensures active participation from the community. 

Cadre based organization has larger influence on the community than headed by a single leader.

The DSM was successful in mobilizing the dalit community specially women in large numbers to actively participate at Gram Sabha and raise their voice for access to developmental schemes being implemented by the panchayats and Developmental Blocks

Dalit Dignity

C.iii. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA):

Two panchayats (Madhopur & Tulsigarh) of Chandi block in Nalanda District were covered under awareness generation programme on NREGA with a support from Development Alternative. Following activities organized under this campaign:

Study on NREGS: Baseline information on NREGS was collected at village level to asses the implemented schems and programs by the govt. and Impact evaluation was also conducted with the PRI functionaries.

Village Meeting: Awareness building meetings were organized in 8 villages with the beneficiaries and sensitizing them on the implementation of NREGS.

Observations from Village Meeting:

It has been noticed that the NREGS is not reaching to the needed people because of the reluctant attitude of the govt. on one hand and lack of awareness among the common mass on the other.

Therefore, we deem it necessary to conduct such meetings on much larger level/scale.

Immediate Impact of the Village Meeting:

People were sensitized of the issue.

Sense of demand making process developed to an extent among villagers.

People shown more interest after knowing the simple procedure to obtain the same.

The pressure group formed at the end of the meet is now actively promoting the issue among the villagers.

Panchayat level meeting : Panchayat level meeting were organized to create sensitivity of the local governance PRI functionaries and Gram Sabha. The PRI representatives and gram Sabha members were sensitized on NREGA and various schemes.The members were inducted the concept of the NREGS and role of members in planning, monitoring, facilitating identification of BPL families, their registration and job card preparation. The PRI members understood the concept and actively participating in the programme.

District level Workshop :

District level workshop was organized At Zila Parishad hall at Bihar sharif, Nalanda where the dignitaries from al concern with NREGS participated in the workshop. The proceedings and outcome of the study documents were presented before the officers present at the workshop. The gaps were identified at the village, panchayats & district level and reactions from different corners were also registered for reparation. The 5000 applications for job cards were submitted to the District Collector.