Flood relief

Gramin Evam Nagar Vikas Parishad is thankful to the generous supporter and donors who made the interventions of the organization possible during the devastating floods that out broke in Bihar during the past two months. The timely assistance from you have saved many lives that would have been in danger and misery without it. We are happy that we have been a medium for our supporter and donors to reach to the suffering and the miserable. Below we are listing and putting together a brief update of what is in progress up to now in response to your generous support.

Informal Camps

Though GENVP has established linkages and coordination with the government led flood relief activities going in our operational areas; we have been mostly involved with supplementing the government interventions as well as meeting the identified gaps in flood relief and rehabilitation activities. In this connection overall survey was conducted in almost whole of the flood affected area in the district Araria and we in this process identified two blocks to be the neediest and least reached. These blocks are namely Phukaha and Bathnaha. The informal camps in these blocks have been adopted and the volunteers posted in these camps. An effective to and fro communication system was established and maintained between GENVP and the inmates of these camps. On regular basis they were contacted for their daily needs and assistance related to health and other basic needs.

Food supply

GENVP with the support of its generous supporters and donors was able to directly supplement the food and nutritious needs of the inmates in the above mentioned camps. Approximately 2500 families were provided dry food packets and supplementary nutrition.

Safe Drinking Water and sanitation

The whole camp benefited from the safe drinking water intervention of GENVP. We in collaboration with the VISWASH Network were able to establish a number of hand pumps and water storing arrangements. In addition to this a large number of people in emergency situation received safe drinking water packets. 50 latrines have been constructed in these camps.

Supplementing medical needs

The out break of common deceases and water borne deceases have been a serious concern of the organization. GENVP mobilized a team of at two doctors and two trained nurses for each camp and supplied a team of volunteers to assist them. Approximately 5000 families benefited from the medical intervention by the organization. The services provided included medical check up, follow up treatment, daily consultation, medicines etc.

Services for mothers and babies

One of the most important area of operation supplemented by the contributions of the GENVP supporters have been the nutrition and care needs of the lactating mothers and the new born babies. The pregnant women have been assisted and given regular consultancy services as well as medical care. Approximately 52 pregnant women benefited from this service. Nutritious food packets and necessary vitamins as well as medicines were provided to the lactating mothers. Extra baby feeds were also supplied.