Community Foundation

Project Title : ‘Establishment of Institutionalized Systems for Development of Community Philanthropy amongst the Dalit Communities in Bihar’
Duration : 2015 onwards
Supported By :Global Fund for Community Foundation

GENVP has been making its efforts since a long time for organizing the Dalit Communities in Bihar state of in the best interest of the Dalit Community members taking up committed interventions for development of the community members. These efforts took a design and shape with the support of GFCF which directly supported the process of various consultations and get together of Dalit Community members who are capable of contributing and are committed to the development and growth of the community members.

This year GENVP is in the process of taking ahead the institutionalization of philanthropic channels already initiated with the Dalit Community Members, bringing visibility of the ‘Dalit Community Foundation’ and fortifying the internal unity and solidarity among the nearly two dozen sub-caste groups constituting the Dalit Community in Bihar State.

Formation and strengthen of Dalit Community Foundation, a platform whereby the local efforts of Dalit Community could be linked to State and National level institutional practices and policy formulations.


Community Level Consultation
The several community level consultations were conducted at the grass root level. The consultation was organized in different district of Bihar e.g. Nalanda, Supaul and Saharsa, Begusarai, Lakhisarai etc. The purpose of the consultation was to recognize potential resource amongst the community, community aspiration towards their own development and introducing the concept of community philanthropy for the formation of Dalit Community Foundation.

District Level Consultation
The consultation like community level, District level consultation was also organized in Patna District with the other Civil Society Organization (CSO) working on issues related to Dalit rights, empowerment and development. The consultation has engaged forty five CSOs from 15 different districts of Bihar. The purpose of this consultation was to share the community philanthropy concept of Community Foundation and to gather learning on the same.

Established and Inaugurated Dalit Community Foundation On November 28th 2018 by Honorable Acting Chairman of Bihar Legislative Council of Bihar, Shri Md. Haroon Rashid and Honorable Former Minister of Bihar, Shri Shyam Rajak; Ms. Jenny Hodgson, CEO of GFCF; Ms. Rita Thapa, Chairperson of GFCF, Nepal; Ms. Puja Marwah, CRY India.