The organization firmly believes that Health is not merely a concern of doctors and service providers but an issue of social justice. Since the beginning the organization has undertaken several initiatives to address the health concerns of the communities. Presently the organization is working mainly on the areas of sexual and reproductive health, HIV, immunization of children and Safe abortion.

Project Title : Parivartan
Duration : 2012-2017
Supported By : Project Concern International (PCI) – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)


Bihar records the most densely population round the country with lowest per capita income. Marginalized sections of Indian society constitutes a greater part of state’s population who are hard to manage bread a time for themselves, how to think for their other basic amenities like health and sanitation. Gravity of the issue deepens when we talk about the health issues of pregnant ladies out of these target communities. They’re very prone to death when go for child birth. The project grooms these ladies for reducing their delivery deaths, also works for reducing the infant deaths.

Parivartan Project is a collective effort of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation though its consortium partners in the name of Ananya as umbrella program in 8 districts of Bihar. Out of these districts, Begusarai is one having SCs, STs and Pasmandah Muslims as mass at large, especially in villages.
This constitutes the target community of the project who are hard to access their social rights due to lack of information. Worst is the case with females of these target communities who are hard to live their daily life due to scarcity of resources inside and outside their households. They’ve a lot many problems in their life and solution of nothing, nor the way to get rid of it. Parivartan project intervene the huge delivery deaths of mothers and infants by making the target beneficiary self aware about maternal and child health by following health and sanitation practices. The project works through community groups of females made out of target communities, grooms them with all the information and capacity building about the daily self practices, facilities and schemes provided by the Govt. with a purpose to reduce the infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate.

Catalyze collective community action to promote shifts in social norms and behavior change to increase adoption of key family health and sanitation practices and enhance accountability and equity of health and sanitation services across Bihar by 2016.             


  • - Village Entry and Transact Walk in all revenue villages.
  • - Social mapping of all revenue villages of five assigned blocks.
  • - Analysis of Institutions and service providers.
  • - Mapping of resources according to importance and distance.
  • - One to one interaction with PRI or service providers
  • - Community meeting was organized and potential group members have been identified.
  • - SHG Meetings were conducted and accounting system established.
  • - Bank accounts were opened and savings and inter- loaning was promoted.
  • - Meeting with SHG leaders were conducted
  • - Potential leaders of VOs were identified and meetings were conducted.
  • - Meeting with different community and age groups were organized.
  • - Customized Swasth Samvad organized through different tools.
  • - Regular interaction and monthly meeting with Analyze partners at block and district level were organized.
  • - Training of 265 Sahelis and 111 Community Coordinators were conducted.